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New Designs!

Welcome to day 255,642 on the Axiom. We have some very special news for you! 

Get dressed up and ready for the opening of Pixar Pier with our Wall-E's Waste Disposal and Eve's Gardening Supplies shirts! The official opening day for Pixar Pier is June 23rd, so make sure you get your shirt in time before they run out. 

Be able to show your love for all things Pixar and the planet. Earth Day is April 22nd and we'll be dawning our shirts and celebrating ...TWICE! Emilyanne will be out that morning cleaning the local St. Louis area. Then on the 29th Carolyn, Cameron and Rusty will venture out and clean up the local LA area. We'd love for you to join us on either date and help take care of this beautiful planet we live on.

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